Unique Corporate Development Approach

Aligned Interests

Quad-C has partnered with dozens of owners and management teams to build their companies through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Our experience has taught us that success in business is 20% concept and 80% execution, and that strong management is critical to superior execution. As such, the management teams in our transactions always have a meaningful ownership stake, as we believe this is the best way to align interests.

Management-friendly Strategic Approach

The success of our partnership philosophy is predicated on a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and a commitment to working together for a common objective. We know the last thing our management partners want is an investor that meddles in the day-to-day operations – so we don’t. We focus on strategic planning and how best to improve a company’s competitive positioning, and our prior manager partners have told us that we have been able to add significant value to their businesses.

Outsourced Corporate Development Model

Acting as the outsourced corporate development team of our portfolio companies, we take a collaborative approach with our management partners toward developing corporate strategy and executing operating improvements, working together over time to build the business. The corporate development roots embedded in the Quad-C culture help us to identify opportunities for improved growth, profitability and return on capital as well as to originate, structure, and execute strategic acquisitions. Finally, as a firm with a long history of investing in the middle market, we institute best practices by benchmarking companies against other Quad-C portfolio companies and other businesses both inside and outside of the industry.

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