We use the Quad-C corporate development model and deep industry knowledge in each of our core verticals to help our management partners drive sustainable and profitable growth.

Quad-C has been investing in middle market companies since 1989. We believe owners and managers choose us because we have a long term track record of helping grow and develop businesses and creating value. Culture, Concept, Collaboration and Commitment are what we look for and what we bring to the table.  

Outsourced Corporate Development Model
Outsourced Corporate Development Model

Middle market companies typically do not have in-house resources to focus on the full breadth of organic and M&A growth initiatives. Our corporate development experience helps us identify opportunities to accelerate organic growth, improve profitability and return on capital in the core business and originate, structure and execute strategic acquisitions. As a firm with a long history of investing in the middle market, we institute best practices by benchmarking companies against other Quad-C portfolio companies and other businesses both inside and outside of the industry. Examples of how Quad-C's "outsourced corporate development" approach adds value include:

  • Facility expansion 
  • Geographic expansion 
  • IT upgrades / ERP implementations
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Operating efficiencies / margin improvement 
  • Product / service line extension 
  • Sales force expansion 
  • Strategic acquisitions 
  • Business intelligence upgrades
  • Talent augmentation and organizational enhancements

Substantial Equity for Owners and Management

A recapitalization with Quad-C is an attractive option for business owners who want to achieve partial liquidity for their ownership stakes while retaining a continued investment in their company ("second bite of the apple"). For managers who are not existing owners, partnering with Quad-C provides the opportunity to invest in their companies and become owners while also participating in an attractive incentive equity program.

Management Continuity

Quad-C partners with highly capable management teams and supports them as they grow their business. As such, responsibilities and duties of management following a transaction with Quad-C are typically unchanged from those prior to the transaction. We focus on adding value by assisting in corporate development and strategy and leave the day-to-day execution to our management partners.


We believe integrity is the cornerstone of a strong partnership, and integrity starts with open communication. We pride ourselves on being up front about the terms of the transaction and then sticking to those terms. We seek management teams who are open-minded and pride ourselves on the same. After closing, management and employees are treated as partners. Many of our prior management partners have decided to become limited partners in our investment funds, demonstrating the level of confidence they have in us.