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25 Years Later, Quad-C is still Building Value in the Middle Market
Feb 25, 2015

In 1990, Quad-C opened its doors in Charlottesville, Virginia. Founded by corporate executives with deep experience in operations, corporate development and acquisitions, the firm has developed into a premiere middle market private equity firm having raised $2.7 billion of investment capital across eight funds.

Over the years Quad-C has remained true to its mission of partnering with talented founders and managers of middle market companies, helping them to take their businesses to the next level and transform good companies into great ones. We are proud that many of our management partners have gone on to become repeat limited partners in Quad-C funds, having invested over $100 million of capital across our last three funds.

Over half of our investments since inception have been “founder recap” transactions, wherein the owners of a business obtain liquidity for a sizable portion of their ownership, and reinvest with Quad-C to get a second (and sometimes third) bite of the apple. In all investments, Quad-C strives to maintain the cultural “secret sauce” that makes each company successful. We shun the “my way or the highway” approach, and learn from every investment we make.

We believe that growth is the key determinant of above market returns. As such, we bring an intensive focus on corporate development efforts designed to accelerate organic growth. Many of our companies require large capital investments to achieve aggressive growth plans, such as construction of new plants, addition of new technology or equipment, or overseas expansion. We work collaboratively with management to seek out and execute on those opportunities that will lead to growth in excess of the market.

We also recognize the value of strategic and tuck-in acquisitions and have helped management successfully execute and integrate add-on acquisitions at approximately two-thirds of our portfolio companies over the years. We leave the day to day operations to management, but are ready to assist in any way we can.

We have transitioned from being a generalist to focusing on six industry verticals that we have developed deep knowledge in over our 25 year history:

• Business services
• Consumer
• Distribution
• General industrial
• Healthcare
• Transportation and logistics

If you are interested in learning more about our firm and our investment strategy, please visit our website at We feel privileged that our limited partners have entrusted us with their capital and are excited to be middle market investors in the world’s most vibrant and resilient economy. We hope to do business with you in our next 25 years