Case Studies

Quad-C has partnered with dozens of owners and management teams to help build their companies through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.


NuSil Technology (“NuSil”) is a leading global formulator, manufacturer, and supplier of silicone compounds for healthcare, aerospace, defense, and other markets.  Quad-C partnered with the management team and founder of the Company in a proprietary transaction in 2005 that was identified through our proactive approach to the specialty chemicals industry.  Quad-C believed NuSil had the following attractive investment aspects:

  • Leading supplier to the highly demanding, niche silicone market for implantable medical devices and aerospace applications
  • High barriers to entry due to proprietary technology and long-term customer relationships
  • Uninterrupted sales growth since its founding in 1979
  • Track record of successfully penetrating other attractive high growth, highly specialized markets through R&D and business development
  • Well positioned to further expand its presence in international markets

With the support of Quad-C, management executed on the value creation plan, which included:

  • Investing heavily in R&D to expand into new product lines and applications

  • Expanding into both new applications and geographies through business development

  • Investing capital to expand manufacturing capacity and capabilities to support growth

  • Implementing lean manufacturing principles

  • Upgrading finance and other corporate functions to support growth


NuSil was able to achieve double digit sales and EBITDA growth during our ownership and improve its strong operating profit margins, while investing in capacity and operating efficiencies.  Quad-C sold its ownership in NuSil in 2011 to another financial buyer.